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MOVE is an experimental platform to build community-governed projects for social good.

Web 2.0 movements are limited by their platforms. Web 3.0 Movements grow as DAOs.

Web 3.0 Movements are owned by their communities. Movements have tools for trustless funding that aligns incentives while its leaders are held accountable by the community.

Move is a better way for impact-focused communities and projects to organize, raise sustaining funding, and create collectively compounding social good.

Organize Communities

Movement DAO seeks to make sophisticated DAO models more accessible, building tools that can be used to quickly custom-tailor a wide array of DAO use-cases. Movement DAO helps architect the design of any community-governed Web3 Movement with positive impact in mind. Learn More.

Pool Capital

MOVE provides tools for continuous funding, including community fundraising tools, tokenomic models enabling sustainable treasury replenishment, and automated treasury yield. Pooled $MOVE-backed liquidity enables Movements to have turn-key DAO tokens with built-in stability. Learn More.

Compound Giving

The ecosystem was designed to compound impact. The Endowment, a network-wide shared treasury, supports the ecosystem and benefits Movements. The more successful Movements join, the bigger the Endowment and ecosystem-owned LP grows which enables Movements to make more positive change. Learn More.

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